Coop game in which 2 players must defend a castle while feeding a pig.

Context : Developped in 48 hours during the Game Pratic' jam in 2019 (jury's prize).

Genre: Cooperation, Comedy, Historical.

Duties : Game Design, Level Design, UX Design, Programming


Platformer game taking place in an old, deteriorating newspaper. The player must put it back in order and save it from oblivion.

Context : Internship, made in collaboration with La Région Occitanie.

Genre: Historical, Exploration, Narrative.

Duties: Game Design, Level Design, engine cutscenes and animations, Documentation, Programming.

Capture d’écran 2021-09-05 233923_edited.jpg

An urbanist tries to show his point during a meeting.

Context : School assignment

Genre: Arcade, Rhetorical

Duties : Game Design, Level Design, Documentation, Programming.


The player is offered to travel around the world but is required to share dreamlike content on social media for financing.

Context : School assignment

Genre: Road Movie, First Person, Photography.

Duties : Game Design, Level Design, Documentation, Programming.


Threatened by the  eruption of a great evil, a once peaceful forest invokes a spirit to face it. He must chase the evil from the heart of the forest. However, choices along the way could change the course of his destiny.

Context : School assignment

Duties : Game Design, Documentation, Programming



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