Mas N' Roll

3 urbanists discuss the optimization project of the Mas Drevon district in Montpellier. However, one of them strongly disagrees and (very) expressively demonstrates his view using the district maquette between them.

Context : School assignment

Genre: Arcade, Rhetorical

Duties : Game Design, Level Design, Documentation, Programming.

Tools: Procedural Rhetoric, Unity, Pro Builder

Team size : 4

Duration : 10 days


  • Make a game based on the Mas Drevon district in Montpellier.


  • Wrote the game concept

  • Helped on research, synthesis and writing the Game Design Document.

  • Did the Level Design and build it in Unity using Pro Builder.

  • Developped the game.


While visiting the district, we noticed the park had a very functional design: every space has a specific function. Then we realized the whole district was organized the same way. However, the zone somehow still felt nice and calming. 

We thought it was probably thanks to its inhabitants (people, animals, plants, materials etc.) who, living here, gradually made the district their own: children play in the French gardens, trees roots go over the sidewalk, dead leaves fly to places lacking trees, graffitis are omnipresent etc. As a result, this concept is highly inspired by Henry Lefebvre's "Right to the city".


Mas N' Roll takes place in a near future. Urbanists discuss a reorganization of the park around a maquette. They aim to put it back in order by surrounding each functional space with walls. However, one of them (the player) strongly disagrees. He wants to prove the others wrong by demonstrating the beauty of a park designed with no limits. He must be efficient as he has very little time before the others cut off his very informal proposal. 

To successfully make his point, he starts by skillfully deconstructing the others' beliefs (destroying the walls) thanks to his mastery of the park and the collective power of its inhabitants (the maquette props).

If he  succeeds, he can finally formulate his idea: he randomly spreads the props he gathered onto the table and looks at his stunned audience with a proud smile.