The player is offered to travel around the world but is required to share dreamlike content on social media for financing.

Context : School assignment

Genre: Road Movie, First Person, Photography.

Duties : Game Design, Level Design, Programming.

Tools: Rational Design, Procedural Rhetoric, Unity.

Team size : 5

Duration : 1 month


  • Make a game inspired by the Road Movie Genre.

  • Deconstruct the myth of "cool" capitalism.


​The player is a young adult looking for escapism. To reach it, he funds his trips around the world with commercial partnerships. As a result, he must consistently share pictures expressing escapism on social media to be able to keep travelling freely.


However, since there's no true escapism, he finds himself struggling to hide reality by finding framing angles free from fences, modern buildings, boards, fences, garbage, other tourists etc. On top of that, his phone constantly vibrates and hides most of the scenery because of the numerous partnership requests he receives by mail.

If he puts his phone on silent or doesn't satisfy enough requests, he won't get enough money and will have to put an end to his escape.


  • Designed and implemented the "take a photograph" mechanic.

  • Shared a game concept, took part in research and brain storming.

  • Developped the phone related features.