Toulouse & Le Petit Méridional

Platformer game taking place in an old, deteriorating newspaper. The player must put it back in order and save it from oblivion.


Context : Internship 

Duties : Game Design, Level Design, Narrative Design, Programming

Engine : Unity

Team size : 6

Duration : 3 months

Project Managment : Scrum

Constraints : 

  • Highlight the richness of the old local press and its significiance for the present day.

  • Link some events in the game to the present context (2019).

  • Highlight the collecting of freely available digital archives of old local press by La Région Occitanie.

  • Highlight the newspaper as an object.

  • Give life to articles.

Contribution overview 

  • Design of levels 1 and 2.

  • Prototyping and Unity integration.

  • Created the in-engine cutscenes.

  • Research, brain storming, update of the Game Design Document.

  • Core Design and bird functionality design.

  • Implemented bird functionality.

  • Supported the main programmer.


Toulouse & Le Petit Méridional was a school project at first. It was showcased as a prototype to professionals from the game industry including Yoan Fanise, Creative Director at DigixArt, Jean-David Jacquemin, Game Designer at Ubisoft Montpellier and Christophe Remy, Level Designer at Ubisoft Montpellier. The game was praised for achieving originality and fun whithin tight constraints. 

The project then eventually evolved to an internship in collaboration with La Région Occitanie. The team worked autonomously and regularly presented progress to the publisher and professionals (Yoan Fanise, Benjamin Dimanche, Project Manager and Aline Krebs, Game Artist) which was a great learning opportunity.

My work on the project

During production, I mainly worked as a Game and Level Designer. I took a big part in the core design of the game, regularly presented my ideas and views to the team and always reflected on originality and faithfullness to the project guidelines. The whole game is centered on the content of an edition of the original newspaper. All environments, characters and story come from torough analisys of the base material.


As for Level Design, I integrated the levels in Unity, created in-engine cutscenes, animations and scripts and thoroughly playtested the game to assure a good level of quality. I was responsible for Level 1 and 2 and was able to support the main programmer by implenting features like the bird functionality. 

The ability I am the most proud of designing, implementing and using is the bird movement. It's a core mechanic directly related to the gameplay, but also to our theme and constraints. By placing key assets around gameplay elements, I aimed to invite the player to lose himself in an ancient yet living newspaper by showcasing the work of the team in a cohesive and interesting way.


It was important to let the player uncover those wonders by himself, they must be discovered. As a result, I turned what was at my disposal (sound, art, animation) into clues to lead him towards true discovery. A good example of this is the printing factory in Level 2.